April 29, 2013

Being Girlies

We painted our toes this morning to celebrate the nice weather we have been enjoying lately. This was Jane first time. She was very excited. She kept on looking at her toe nails exclaiming: "My toes are so pretty!"

April 14, 2013


So it took a while, but here it is November.

Playing in the leaves with friends
 Kyle grew a mustache for 'Movember' (to raise money for prostate cancer research)

Jane's birthday - celebrating early with her grandparents because they were going to be out of town on her actual birthday.

 Getting ready for Christmas
 Jane's actual birthday - she was really sick on that day so her birthday dress didn't last very long.
 This was her new thing to do when we asked her to smile for the camera
 Birthday cake - that was all she was going to get

Fun day with grandma and grandpa

Coming up Next: DECEMBER :)

April 7, 2013


Sorry we have been lazy and not update our post for ages. So, to make it up to our loyal 'viewers' I will post month by month till I caught up to present date :)

October, 2011
Playing supper hero with daddy

Jane was dressed up as a Utes (Kyle's university) Cheerleader.

 Ready for Church.

 Playing with leaves, Jane's favorite fall (autumn) activity.

October 1, 2012

Helping Hands

Jane loves to help her mommy doing the dishes! She loves it so much that if I do something that looks suspiciously like I'm washing the dishes, she will happily squeal: "Dishes!" Then runs to push the chair over to the sink to help me out. (I have helped her many times to put the chair back because I wasn't doing the dishes.) She got her own water proof apron, and she just looks so adorable in it that Kyle and I could not help but took photos of.

September 25, 2012

Not All About T-Shirts

 We love our shirts from Threadless. They give you rewards if you submit photos of yourself wearing their shirt online, and I thought, here are all these photos of us, why waste them? Let's post them on our blog! Killing 2 birds with one stone! :) (An after thought: I wonder if they pay us for product placement??? JK)

Here is Kyle in his ugly summer T-Shirt (he has an ugly winter sweater, so when we saw this on the Threadless website, we just had to get it for him).

This is me in my Doctor Who T-shirt (Doctor Who is a British TV show that Kyle and I both love. Highly recommended for anyone who like a Syfy sorta show). You can't tell on the photos, but the picture on my shirts are of owls, and their faces resemble the faces of each of the actors that played the main character over the years.

Austin has been requesting his mum to send him some funny shirts to wear on his P-day. Who is he trying to impress? His missionary companions? Well, if so, they will be impressed! Kyle found him 2 funny P-day shirts, here is a sneak-peak. (Well, we want the reward from Threadless for Austin's T-shirt, too, so we took a photo of Kyle wearing it! hahaha. We are sneaky like that!)

And well, we can't take a photo without Jane wanting to make an appearance! And we knows who's the boss in our household! So, we got some cute ones.

Jane is good at sharing, so her dad gets to share the lime-light! 

August 22, 2012


Kyle -  It's Kyle's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweetie! We are going out for dinner tonight. Kyle was supposed to decide where he would like to go. I gave him a deadline but he exceeded it by 3 or 4 days now (now, I can't even remember when the deadline was. lol) School wise, Kyle has just started his 2nd semester of his Physical Therapy program, and so far so good. He is enjoying what he is studying, or at least he doesn't seem to hate it.

Me - I'm officially the breadwinner of the house now, which is funny because I work at a bakery :) Life as a mum is as busy as ever. I'm enjoying these hot summer months with Jane. We go outside everyday (Jane is definitely the outdoor type). She plays with her friends, and I get to chit chat with all their moms. She's definitely helping me to get more sociable.

Jane- She will be 21 months in 3 days. She is as cute as can be, and is so smart. She is not camera shy, if anything she is the opposite. She loves looking at her own photos, video tape herself then watches it. She calls me by name now because I made the mistake of teaching her my name last week, and she had been calling me 'Han' ever since. In my defense, I only taught her once, I didn't know that she was going to take such a shine to it! Yesterday, while I was at work, Jane turned on the Ipad (she's allowed to use my Ipad, in fact, I think she thinks that it belongs to her), went on Netflix (for our Ozzie followers, it's where you can watch TV shows and movies), selected her show, and watched it. (Jane has a few favorite shows that she watches). And below is the real reason I blogged, to post cute photos of Jane, of course :)

Jane and her best friend, Addie who I babysit

Like I said she loves to have her photos taken.

And this is not Jane.

July 5, 2012

4th of July

Kyle surprised me with dinner and a movie on Tuesday night. He was so good at planning, in fact, that when Julie showed up to pick Jane up (Kyle had asked his mum to babysit), I thought she just came to visit, and she thought I knew, so the  first 10 minutes was sort of confusing :) We watched The Amazing Spider-Man. We both really liked it. I liked it a lot better than the other Spider-Man movies.

We stayed over at Kyle's parents and spent 4th of July with them. We went to the pool, Jane didn't like that very much, so she spent half of her time there hugging grandma. Julie, Steve and I played game after lunch, while Jane was napping and Kyle was studying for his anatomy test that he has today. I won. :) Ok, so Kyle helped me, but still. :) Julie wanted new photos of Jane, and here are some really cute ones.